Volunteers Packing Bags of Food Next To Gift Boxes with Feeding the Carolinas Tags
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Gift It Forward with Pepsi. Help feed the Carolinas.

Volunteers Packing Bags of Food Next To Gift Boxes with Feeding the Carolinas Tags

What if helping solve hunger in the Carolinas was as straightforward as purchasing specially marked packages of Pepsi and scanning the code found inside?

When you “Gift It Forward” with Pepsi, it’s that simple. If your corresponding digital scratch card deems you a cash prize winner, you’ll have the option to donate to our brand charity partner, Feeding the Carolinas.

Don’t worry, it’s so easy, you can sip a Pepsi while scanning the code. Get the instructions here.

What is Feeding the Carolinas?

The network of 10 food banks in North and South Carolina formed their alliance in 2017 to more strategically work together to provide a consistent food source to those in need. The mission: to ensure a daily, healthy and adequate food supply to all 146 counties in the Carolinas. The participating food banks offer support to more than 3,700 local charitable agencies that deliver food to those who need it.

Who needs help in the Carolinas?

About 2,253,790 individuals in North and South Carolina are living in a state of food insecurity, meaning that, because of financial constraints, they don’t have access to sufficient nutrition.

“Feeding the Carolinas provides a unified voice and message as we advocate for our food banks,” said Mike Darrow, Executive Director of Feeding the Carolinas. “Our members focus on serving and developing resources in their local community, while Feeding the Carolinas works across two states to leverage resources, both funds and food, to our regional food banks.”

If food is the problem, why does money matter?

It seems more logical to donate nonperishable food items, right? While those items are accepted by food banks, Feeding the Carolinas is able to create more of an impact with monetary donations. Every dollar can make a difference.

“Much of what we distribute is donated food, and we depend on thousands of volunteers to help us in sorting and packing that food,” Darrow said. “That $1 donation allows us to leverage the donated food and volunteer hours with strategically purchased food and food bank resources, giving us the ability to provide approximately $7 worth of food to the hungry in the Carolinas.”

Plus, financial donations enable them to source additional items (and nutritional categories) that may not be sourced through community food donations.

But no matter how the food is sourced — through direct donations, or through Pepsi packaging — Feeding the Carolinas has just one goal. “To ensure that everyone in the Carolinas has equitable access to healthy food,” Darrow said.


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