Woman with Two Dogs Outside
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Thursday, February 13, 2020

#PawsForAPepsi donation supports animal-saving nonprofits in the Carolinas

Woman with Two Dogs Outside

At the conclusion of our inaugural #PawsForAPepsi social media campaign in December, we were excited to split a $1,000 donation between animal-saving efforts in the Carolinas. Half went to the Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) and the other half went to Charleston Animal Society (CAS). And a whole lot of social media love went to both organizations, with more than 100 followers submitting photos of their pups to show support.

Our hope was to not only provide funds to two deserving local charities that assist animals in need through dog adoption and other services, but to encourage Carolinians to take pause. We wanted our community to consider the animals who need help, to feel a moment of gratitude for their own furry family members, and to donate on their own if they felt moved to do so.

So, two months into the new year, how are these two charities experiencing the effects of this homegrown campaign? We were thrilled to get updates from both of them.

Charleston Animal Society

Joe Elmore, president and CEO of CAS, said the funds were being used to save the lives of abused and unwanted animals. That’s at the very core of the nonprofit’s mission, along with providing adoption services, spay-neuter and other rescue services.

“In 2013, the Animal Society built the first No Kill Community in the Southeast, a feat many thought impossible at that time,” Elmore said. “It then launched No Kill South Carolina, an initiative to build the first No Kill State in the South.”

The initiative has saved nearly 20,000 animals to date. CAS enhances that work through Toby’s Fund, which was established to help fund the medical care of the nearly 10,000 animals that come through their doors each year.

“The Animal Society takes in over 90 percent of our local animals, most of whom are in need of medical care,” Elmore said.

Toby’s Medical Fund is one major donation opportunity CAS offers, to ensure that their veterinary staff is properly equipped to take care of injured and sick dogs and cats. The Fund is one critical area of need the organization has identified for this year.

As for their 2020 goals? The nonprofit strives to continue eliminating unnecessary euthanasia, reducing overpopulation and preventing all animal cruelty.

Humane Society of Charlotte

Farther north at the HSC, the Pepsi contribution was used for a list of needs.

“The donation from Pepsi Cares went directly to the care and upkeep of the animals that are currently in the care of our shelter,” said Emily Cook, HSC marketing and communications manager. “Donations are used for a variety of purposes, but some of the top ways they are used are to provide medical care in extra-special cases, buy needed supplies such as blankets, cleaning supplies, beds and toys, [as well as] help cover the surgery costs of members of the community that are unable to afford it.”

2019 was a big year for HSC. They had a strong adoption year and spayed/neutered more than 10,000 animals.

For those looking to support the HSC in this new year, Cook identified the We Are Family Capital Campaign, which went public in September 2019 to support the construction of a new animal resource center for Charlotte.

“We are anxious to provide this new facility to our city,” Cook said. “We'll be expanding our clinic services, creating state-of-the-art and low-stress environments for our animals, building a cat cafe, creating an education court and more. Between this and our ongoing, life-saving work, we are very excited for 2020.”

And thanks to these updates from these two incredible organizations in the Carolinas, so are we.


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