Couple Smiling While Decorating Christmas Tree
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

5 Ideas for wintry fun in the Carolinas

Couple Smiling While Decorating Christmas Tree

It may not be snowing (unless the mountain towns get lucky), but winter is coming to the Carolinas. You know what that means: an explosion of holiday decorations, party plans at the office and at home, and time off to celebrate the season. Here are 5 fun wintry things to do in the Carolinas this month.

Drive to see holiday lights

Don’t deny that some of your neighbors started stringing holiday lights in their yards the moment Halloween ended. Take a stroll through your neighborhood after dark. This is just the warm-up for a drive through McAdenville, NC, otherwise known as Christmas Town, USA. That’s where you can catch the whole town lit up with holiday lights from Dec. 2-26. Cruise along the streets for free.

Hang a Pepsi ornament on your tree

Nothing screams “holidays in the Carolinas” quite like a jolly snowman ornament — particularly when he’s carrying a delivery of Pepsi products created (and celebrated) in the Carolinas. Check out the Pepsi Store for more options.

Take festive family photos

Gearing up to mail your holiday cards? There are so many bright backdrops to choose from around the Carolinas. For starters, we love this Pepsi mural shot from Lincolnton, NC (courtesy of Hilary Koon Photography) and this mural shot from Greenville, SC (art by Kate Furman and Furman Art).

Share what you’re grateful for

Gratitude isn’t reserved for Thanksgiving. Here at Pepsi, we’re grateful every day for being part of the community fabric in the Carolinas and for the opportunities we have to give back to our home. From partnering with the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, to supporting Vet Tix, to funding the initiatives served by the Conservation Trust for NC, we aim to be more than a company. We aim to be a good neighbor.

What are you thankful for every day in the Carolinas? Post on social media and tag us @PepsiCares on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to let us know.

Craft a recycled star wreath

In the spirit of recycling (a critical part of our commitment to sustainable product packaging) add some local flair to your front door. Here’s our idea for recycled Christmas decor: Create a star wreath made of recycled Pepsi cans.


Recycled Pepsi cans (number depends on wreath size)

1 Undecorated straw or wooden wreath (easy to find at most local craft stores)

1 Bottle of super glue

1 Permanent marker

1 Pair of scissors


Cut the tops and bottoms from each Pepsi can to reveal a strip of aluminum. Flatten the strip.

Using the permanent marker, draw stars onto the strips.

Cut out the strips with scissors.

Glue the strips onto the wreath.

Hang the wreath on your front door!

The holidays are nearly here. Start adding to the magic.


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