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About Us

Growing up Around here

Our roots run deep

Even if you’ve been to the Carolinas just once, you get it. It’s a place worth sticking around. That’s why we’ve been here since our founding in New Bern over 125 years ago.

We’ve sunk our toes in the sands of Pawleys Island. We’ve helped clean up and rebuild after hurricanes and floods. We’ve driven from Blue Ridge Mountain to the Outer Banks, always finding new roads – and new friends – along the way.

That’s why “Born in the Carolinas” isn’t just a look at the past. It’s a feeling of excitement for the future. For all that’s still to come. So, whether you were born and raised here, or you’re visiting for the first time, we want to be a part of your story. To stay connected by doing what we’ve always done – bringing unapologetic joy to the communities we call home.

Because that’s what we like.

Our History


Pepsi’s story isn’t the only one that began in the Carolinas. This is also where Pepsi’s creator, pharmacist Caleb Bradham, grew up.

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